Applied Health Degrees

The study and practice of Applied Health is an extension of the idea of allied health, which has been stated to generally comprise the vast array of health industry professions, save for general medicine (medical doctors), nursing (registered nurses), and dentistry (doctor of dental surgery, and related) fields. Generally, students who obtain a degree in applied health can be credentialed or certified to serve as practitioners in a number of health care fields.

Applied Health Program Description

Various degrees focusing on applied health studies exist, but one common option is a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Health Studies. Such a degree can be taken via distance or online learning, but is still a full-credit undergraduate program lasting approximately eight semesters (or about four years). While career options are vast throughout the healthcare field for those who graduate with such a degree, individuals who are already certified or licensed in a particular health field may be able to obtain special admission that could limit the amount of time a program would take. Once granted admission, curriculum would often include – in addition to general education courses such as math, foreign language, English and composition – medical ethics, health care public policy development, health care delivery systems, and career-centric applied health studies elective offerings.

Top Online Radiology Programs

Adventist University of Health Sciences — The Adventist University of Health Sciences' BS in radiological science degree covers everything the professional radiologist needs to know about mammography, computed tomography, MRI, advanced patient care issues, and medical imaging. Coursework also covers issues and trends in health care and case studies, with a focus on providing the tools and insights students need to become marketable job applicants.

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