7 Facts You Never Knew About Radiology Technology

Radiology, which is the branch of medical science that deals with diagnosis and treatment through images of the human body. This is done by using various imagining technologies such as x-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It is a radiographer or radiologic technologist who carries out these procedures. Below are some of the prominent technologies which are used in radiography: Continue reading

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The Ultimate Guide to the Radiology Technician Career – Job Prospects, Salary, and More

Radiology technologists pertain to the imaging of internal organs and other parts of the human body by administering non radioactive elements into a patient’s bloodstream or through the use of various imagine machines. This role consists of preparing a patient for a radiological examination by explaining the procedures carefully. A Radiology technician must follow instructions given by the doctor as to protect themselves, patients, and coworkers from unnecessary exposure to radiation. Other than taking x-rays and operating radiography equipment, they also keep patient records. Experienced radiographers will perform more complex tasks such as fluoroscopes and computed tomography; they can also specialize in mammography. Continue reading

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Online Radiology Schools

DeVry University
The school offers bachelors degree in Human Service Management which is formulated to give the students an opportunity to understand radiology skill. The graduates would be able to practice radiography at the level of technician and can lead to development of career in this field.

South University
The school offers an associate degree in Allied Health Sciences which is the quickest radiography program online which enables the students to develop their careers as radiography technicians within 12 months.

American Intercontinental University
School offers an associates degree in healthcare Administration which was formulated to merge both course in business and ethical aspects with radiography technician training where they engage in radiography techniques as a career.

Virginia College Online
The university offers a Bachelor of Science degree in health Services management which is one of the most excellent accredited online programs that enables the student to promptly and inexpensively become a radiography technician.

Independence College
The school offers the online radiography program in line with an Associate in Medical Assisting degree which accomplishes the requirement as the admission level to radiography technician. This would give students the opportunity to choose the class time from the supple schedules.

Keiser University
The school offers flexible and inexpensive online radiography programs. This program equips the students with the necessary knowledge and information needed for the development of radiography career.

Florida Hospital College of Health Science
The school offers Bachelor of Science degree in Radiology Sciences. This is the best accredited affordable online radiography program and shortest way of becoming radiography technician.

Grand Canyon University
The school offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Imaging Science which was formulated for students who have done an associate degree and also want to have managerial skill in addition to the radiography technician.

University of Cincinnati
The university offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Advance Medical Imaging Technology which is designed to provide the students the aggressive edge they require to acquire the jobs. The students’ taking this course will have the opportunity to specialize in two areas such as magnetic resonance imaging and medicine technology.

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