30 Indispensable BlackBerry Apps to Improve Your Career

When it comes to your career, you want to be on top of things. It helps to be organized and productive. You need to show a command of your field, but you also need to make sure that you are developing personally and professionally. Technology has given us access to a number of tools that can help with career development.

No matter your career path or salary, you can always improve. One way to do that is to make use of smart phones. Smart phones like the BlackBerry offer the chance to stay more organized, and to get all the information you need right at your fingertips. If you want to use the BlackBerry to help your career, here are 30 great apps to try:

Time Management

Proper time management leads to increased productivity. You will have more time to get all of your tasks done, and you will be able to work on improving your skills and knowledge with the extra time.

  1. ToDoMatrix: If you are looking for a serious time and task management application, this is the one for you. Helps you keep everything in your schedule straight, and helps you accomplish relevant and important tasks first. Great for productivity. Cost: Free 30 day trial, after that $4.99 a month (with additional packages)
  2. timeme lite: This app is designed to help you track your time and improve productivity. A great way to find out where you have been spending your time. Cost: $4.99
  3. BlackTrack: Keep track of different activities. Learn how much time you are spending on the Internet, or doing other tasks that are threatening your productivity. Helps you figure out what you have been doing. Cost: $4.99
  4. nTime: Productivity app that can help you keep up with what you are doing. Log your activities for billing purposes, or use it to figure out where you are spending your time. Add notes.
  5. Just10Minutes: Organize your most important tasks with the help of this time management application. Cost: $3.99
  6. got-2 Task Management: Get your schedule set up so that you are ready for anything. Great time management tool. Cost: Free
  7. Time Management by Richard Walsh: Learn to improve your ability to manage your time with this app/book. Cost: $7.99


Keep track of appointments, interviews and meetings with the help of your BlackBerry. These applications are designed to help you stay focused, and to make sure you have what you need at all times.

  1. Task Todo: Organize the tasks from multiple projects to stay on top of things. A great organizational tool. Cost: $3.99
  2. MemoPad Plus: Keep your thoughts organized by jotting things down. Organizes notes by date. This is helpful if you make notes about your job, or if you are making notes about an interviewer. Cost: $2.99
  3. NoteIt: Note important events at meetings, and keep track of information you might need later. Great organizational tool. Cost: $0.99
  4. Onyx Organizer: A great way to differentiate between “work” and “home” modes. Also, lets you keep track of appointments and more. Cost: $1.99
  5. Viigo: Keep up with the latest news and information. Read information related to your career so that you are always up to date. Know the challenges, and keep up with the headlines in your industry. Cost: Free
  6. Life Organizer: Keep on top of what is happening in your life — and in others’. Makes a great “virtual assistant.” Planning, scheduling and reminders to help you keep on top of things at work. Cost: $3.99
  7. SmsScheduler: A great way to keep on top of things. If you need to send items as part of your job, this can help you. Schedule messages while you are thinking about it, then set it and forget it. Cost: $4.99
  8. Priority Organizer: Another great organizer. This will help you stay organized according to the most important tasks. Includes the ability to include sub-tasks. Cost: $3.99


Anymore, career advancement has a lot to do with effective networking. Meeting the right person, and being able to share your ideas, is an important part of career development. You can use your BlackBerry for professional networking with the following applications.

  1. CaptureNGo: This is a great tool for networking. Use it to capture business cards and then organize them. Perfect for networking. Cost: Free
  2. LinkedIn: Keep up with your professional networking with the LinkedIn app for the BlackBerry. A great way to network — no matter where you are. Cost: Free
  3. Get Linked: This is another networking app that makes use of LinkedIn. A great way to access your contacts, and meet new contacts. Cost: Free
  4. Facebook: Make sure that your Facebook networking can be accomplished from anywhere. Cost: Free
  5. UberSocial: Great Twitter client that can keep you connected. Offers you Twitter lists, as well as a number of great integrations. Cost: Free
  6. Contaxx: Keep track of your contacts, and create your own digital business card. This makes it easy to do share your own info with those that you meet. Simple and convenient. Cost: Free
  7. Grupio: Great tool for trade shows and conferences. Find out about events, schedules and make connections with others. It’s all about getting connected wherever you are. Cost: Free
  8. DUB: Exchange contact information with those you meet. Keep contacts organized, and easy to find. Perfect for networking. Cost: Free
  9. WebEx Meeting Center: You can share presentations and hold meetings, right over your phone. Cost: App is free, but there may be costs associated with WebEx

Job Search

If you are looking for a new job, you can make use of your smart phone. There are BlackBerry apps that can help you with your job search. Use these apps to land a better job.

  1. Search Jobs Beyond.com: This app will help you find a job using Beyond.com. Cost: Free
  2. JobStreet Job Search: Chance to search for jobs, no matter where you are. Cost: Free
  3. Job Search Checklist: A great BlackBerry app that helps you figure out what you need to do, and then keep tabs on your progress. Cost: $3.99
  4. Find Your Next Job: Look for targeted jobs that you are most suited for. Helpful for taking your career to the next level. Cost: Free
  5. CollegeJobBank: Career BlackBerry app aimed at entry level workers. Designed to help you find your first job out of college. Cost: Free
  6. Great Work Great Career: Learn how to create your own career, putting together a job that works for your. Cost: $9.99
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