18 Essential Web Applications to Help You Choose a College

Choosing a college is usually not an easy decision. There are so many colleges out there, and each one has its own unique advantages. But, there are some web applications that can definitely help you choose the college that is perfect for you.

  1. Academic Ranking of World Universities: This is one of the top two college ranking authorities in the world. Universities are ranked based on four things:
    1. Number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals
    2. Number of highly cited researchers selected by Thomson Scientific
    3. Number of articles published or indexed in Nature and Science, the Science Citation Index, and Social Sciences Citation Index
    4. Per capita performance with respect to the size of an institution
  2. Times Higher Education: Times Higher Education is another widely acclaimed ranking site. Universities are ranked primarily according to peer reviews. Both this site and Academic Ranking of World Universities ranks schools all over the world, but they publish a top ten list for the US.
  3. The Princeton Review: Princeton Review publishes a widely recognized college review each year. They collect objective data on the colleges, including dropout rates and academic offerings, as well as interview students.
  4. College Prowler: This is a college ranking of a slightly different kind, because the students themselves do the ranking. Schools are ranked on academics, diversity, housing, athletics, food and nightlife.
  5. US News: This magazine’s list of college rankings is highly anticipated each year. Many students rely on US News to give them good insight into where they should attend college. Colleges are ranked by academic offering, graduation rates, financial and faculty resources, SAT scores, retention rates, peer reputation and alumni giving.
  6. College Board: College Board’s Matchmaker option will generate a list of schools that might be right for you based on your preferences. This app also helps manage your searches and even your applications.
  7. College Net: On this app, you can read about careers, search for colleges and then search for scholarships and loans to help you pay for it all.
  8. Ed Ref: Get free detailed information on thousands of US schools here. School info includes admission requirements, degrees & majors, contact info, test scores, student diversity, religious affiliations, athletics, tuition expenses, etc.
  9. My College Calendar: This application helps you search for schools, but also helps ensure that you stay on track with your admission timeline, too. You can get reminders about applying for scholarships and completing admission requirements.
  10. FAFSA: This is the perfect application for helping you find federal financial aid. You can complete your college scholarship application right here.
  11. The Common Application: This is a really cool tool. Once you complete the single application here, it can be sent to more than 400 participating colleges.
  12. Essay Edge: This is a great course for helping you do well on your college essays.
  13. The International Education Site for Study Abroad: This application is great for those who want to study abroad. You can find opportunities for study abroad as well as advice on choosing the right program.
  14. Campus Compare: Discover 4000 community colleges, state colleges, traditional colleges, universities, and more. You can see student reviews, and use a program called College Current on TWitter.
  15. Cappex: Create your profile here and you can see colleges that would be a good fit for you. In addition, colleges who are interested in you can contact you through this site.
  16. College Quest: This is an advisor based search that is free for prospective college students. These personal advisors work to find you the perfect college situation.
  17. My U Search: Called the “Honest College Matchmaker”, this application helps you find the right college based on your preferences.
  18. College Tool Kit: Use this site for nearly everything. You can search for colleges, find out about financial aid, use tools to help you with the application process and even maybe get recruited through their college recruiting service.

As you can see, there are plenty of resources to help students find just the right college to ensure the perfect career and a memorable college experience.

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